He Moved Out...

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Thomas Petrou

25 dager siden

He Moved Out...
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elizabeth 22 timer siden
purple crayon
ROBLOX VID'S 2 dager siden
purple crayon
Ava Frost 2024
Ava Frost 2024 4 dager siden
Purple crayon
Makeup Artist
Makeup Artist 5 dager siden
Purple crayon
Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11
Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11 7 dager siden
"Purple crayon."
Isabelle Lewis
Isabelle Lewis 13 dager siden
ayo my name's izzy 😏
Luluwah AlGhalib
Luluwah AlGhalib 14 dager siden
purple crayon
Preston Scott
Preston Scott 15 dager siden
6:33 who is she
Hope Tui
Hope Tui 15 dager siden
Pruple crane
Lena Johnson
Lena Johnson 15 dager siden
Am I the only one who thought it said “WE moved out” I was thinking like u guys just moved in
Rose Akoto
Rose Akoto 15 dager siden
awww kouvr's face
Janet Amezcua
Janet Amezcua 15 dager siden
Purple crayon
The dude Dude’s
The dude Dude’s 15 dager siden
Most interesting vlog yet
Camila Hernandez
Camila Hernandez 15 dager siden
Purple crayon
Ann shiya jose
Ann shiya jose 16 dager siden
Purple crayon
Rahaf Edhah
Rahaf Edhah 16 dager siden
The white car after 9 months:🤰🏻
TIK TOK TINGS 17 dager siden
What’s even Thomas with ought clickbate
Isabella LeRoy
Isabella LeRoy 17 dager siden
Blue cray and on
Isabella LeRoy
Isabella LeRoy 17 dager siden
levina 17 dager siden
micheal: "shes petting me whats wrong"
Shona 17 dager siden
Hi guys 🙋🏾‍♀️God loves you🕊 Jesus is coming back soon be ready ✝️spread this message so more people will know I love God 😙God loves you so much give him your Life he’s got the best plan for you God loves you and so do I🤍 God bless you✝️
Jahzara Smith
Jahzara Smith 17 dager siden
Blue cryan
Alex Koenig
Alex Koenig 17 dager siden
Purple crayon
Camila Guillen Diaz
Camila Guillen Diaz 17 dager siden
Purple crayon
Hennessy Serrano
Hennessy Serrano 17 dager siden
Purple crayon 💜
idk;w; UnU
idk;w; UnU 18 dager siden
No I am going to miss her
illeonna bowden
illeonna bowden 19 dager siden
mr.monster sayson
mr.monster sayson 19 dager siden
Purple crayon
Ahinman -.-
Ahinman -.- 19 dager siden
That bumper car is so dangerous
Charli Amaya
Charli Amaya 19 dager siden
Purple crayons Y’all are so funny I legit wish I could move with you guys
chase lover
chase lover 20 dager siden
Purple crayon
elex4390 elex4390
elex4390 elex4390 20 dager siden
Purple crayon
Sofia Grayson
Sofia Grayson 20 dager siden
I miss the old hype house 🥺🥺
zac klein
zac klein 20 dager siden
cray fuckin on
Josie Whithead
Josie Whithead 20 dager siden
Purple crayon
Ritika and Rashika Verma
Ritika and Rashika Verma 20 dager siden
Purple crayon
Kailyn Berkley
Kailyn Berkley 20 dager siden
not me and Michael having matching leggings
Raixndropx 20 dager siden
Purple crayon 💜🖍
Jashua Suit
Jashua Suit 20 dager siden
Cra fucking yon
coco_bear 20 dager siden
Hi I know you are never gonna see this but worth a shot I’m just gonna put the fact out there that you have made my turn my frown upside down and since my parents are split I have separation with my mum so thank you, your biggest fan Emily
madison belden
madison belden 20 dager siden
Neftali Alaniz
Neftali Alaniz 20 dager siden
purple crayon but PS vinnie and Micheal best duo ever
Jvcklive 20 dager siden
It sux how I dont even got a car and they are destroying cars like Danny Duncan that stuff ain't cool. Some of us dont even got homes or cars and we live in the real world. Hope y'all help people instead
Michelle Olivar
Michelle Olivar 20 dager siden
Purple crayon
Hope Rosenblatt
Hope Rosenblatt 21 dag siden
Purple crayon!
Aleksandra Dabkevičė
Aleksandra Dabkevičė 21 dag siden
purple crayon
Elena hadizadeh
Elena hadizadeh 21 dag siden
Connor why are you so fat
Daisy Gillett
Daisy Gillett 21 dag siden
purple crayon? thomas has really run out of ideas lol
Marcella Mendoza
Marcella Mendoza 21 dag siden
Purple crayon
Kortney Holker
Kortney Holker 21 dag siden
Ryani Browntown
Ryani Browntown 21 dag siden
Purple crayon?? Tf I am confused
Jessica Rodrigues
Jessica Rodrigues 21 dag siden
purple crayon
Matilda and Willow
Matilda and Willow 21 dag siden
purple crayon
Lindsay Hall
Lindsay Hall 21 dag siden
Michael’s smile always makes me nervous 😳
Jordann Owings
Jordann Owings 21 dag siden
purple crayon
Tenley Hull
Tenley Hull 21 dag siden
purple crayon
Tenley Hull
Tenley Hull 21 dag siden
purple crayon love your vids sooo much big fan of you guys and i am whering a hype house sweter
LoveForGaming 21 dag siden
"purple crayon"
Keke Styles • WHY DON’T WE
Keke Styles • WHY DON’T WE 21 dag siden
I would love to live a day being Thomas
Leighton Williams
Leighton Williams 21 dag siden
vinnie and micheal = best couple make calvin get a girlfreind
Kira’s corner
Kira’s corner 21 dag siden
Anyone else want to know who was singing in the background
Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse 21 dag siden
purple crayon
Madden Messer
Madden Messer 21 dag siden
puruple craon
Amanda Rosas
Amanda Rosas 21 dag siden
The car after you trying tho flip it over🤰🏻🤱🏻🙇🏻‍♀️
Ann Margaret Peel
Ann Margaret Peel 21 dag siden
Everyone- why did we think Vinnin move out Me-why are they hitting each other with cars😂😂
Jozlynne Soule
Jozlynne Soule 21 dag siden
purple crayon
Alyson Bostrom
Alyson Bostrom 21 dag siden
Purple crayon
Rose Vasquez
Rose Vasquez 21 dag siden
Purple crayon I can I type but I cannot have it because I have nails on so
Kayla J
Kayla J 21 dag siden
Purple Crayon
Lailana Gosman
Lailana Gosman 21 dag siden
purple crayon
lacey Zirfas
lacey Zirfas 21 dag siden
Kouvrs face😘
Bailey Blevins
Bailey Blevins 21 dag siden
I genuinely enjoy their content but I just can’t get behind buying 3 vehicles in the middle of a pandemic just to wreck them, while there are thousands of people who can’t even afford groceries right now.
Miranda Avarado ramos
Miranda Avarado ramos 21 dag siden
Instead of Jane the virgin it is Calvin the virgin
Lilley Suarez
Lilley Suarez 21 dag siden
Cool bumper cars😄
maria.s 21 dag siden
why do these rich as people dress like they are homeless?
Tasmine Cattron
Tasmine Cattron 21 dag siden
purple crayon
Genesis Umanzor
Genesis Umanzor 21 dag siden
i don't know what to say so purple crayon
Keira Sum
Keira Sum 21 dag siden
Purple crayFUCKINGon
Adrian Jossler
Adrian Jossler 22 dager siden
Purple crayon
Tere Longe
Tere Longe 22 dager siden
thomas: says this a terrible idea at least a million times also thomas: proceeds to do it
Allisson Aguilera
Allisson Aguilera 22 dager siden
Ana Datashvili
Ana Datashvili 22 dager siden
We miss the old hype house.I want it back😞
addi malone
addi malone 22 dager siden
awww kouver:(
lexie martin
lexie martin 22 dager siden
purple crayon lol
Matthew Richards
Matthew Richards 22 dager siden
Softiez Chrz
Softiez Chrz 22 dager siden
why i think on the title: we moved out...
Sxgarmanic_yt 22 dager siden
thats such a waste of money but at the same time it isnt mine so imma just mind my butt>
Audrianna Carver
Audrianna Carver 22 dager siden
did any one look in alexs hand at 7:18 in the video and see a vape on his had or is that just me....
Zoë Mclean
Zoë Mclean 22 dager siden
Yeah his hype went wayyyyyyyyyy down
Toots Totty
Toots Totty 22 dager siden
Why did I think vinne moved out
iisunnyd_ee !
iisunnyd_ee ! 22 dager siden
OMG Its Vinnie The Ballerina 🤣
Aleria Brown
Aleria Brown 22 dager siden
I just figured out parts you don't see in Alex's video you'll see in Thomas's 😂 or the other way around
Chloe Winstead
Chloe Winstead 22 dager siden
Purple crayon
Coco Quinn Shorts
Coco Quinn Shorts 22 dager siden
Purple crayon 🙃
Rhianna Domitraschuk
Rhianna Domitraschuk 22 dager siden
Bumper cars 🚘
xector power
xector power 22 dager siden
did i hear sweet creature at the end?
Jennifer Matias
Jennifer Matias 22 dager siden
Kouvers face at the end 😭🤚🏼
Sam Forzoni
Sam Forzoni 22 dager siden
Micheal’s humour is so underrated. In the vlog Micheal has a crush he sings a verse for Olivia what had me literally creasing 😂
Sam Forzoni
Sam Forzoni 22 dager siden
Micheal is in love is the vlog
Az-Zubair Crawford
Az-Zubair Crawford 22 dager siden
purple crayon
Gabrielle Bust
Gabrielle Bust 22 dager siden
everyone go back in the video at 7:18 and look what is in alex's hand
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