She Said Yes!

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Thomas Petrou

12 dager siden

She Said Yes!
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Laura Velasquez
Laura Velasquez 3 timer siden
Cheese puff
Marifer Armendariz
Marifer Armendariz 22 timer siden
It looks like Machel is gay I don't know why I think that
Haylie Arreguin
Haylie Arreguin Dag siden
Calvin:”I left mines in my car to” Me: he has a car now🤨
zoi plavoukos
zoi plavoukos Dag siden
cheese puffs
Tvdlove_5 Ava Rose
Tvdlove_5 Ava Rose 2 dager siden
Wait wait wait wait What! ✋ is this real?🥳😂😁😁😁😁😁👏🥺
Lilly Muchiri
Lilly Muchiri 2 dager siden
Cheese puffs
Charlotte Cardoza
Charlotte Cardoza 3 dager siden
Well I hope they get in eagle
Brianna Jones
Brianna Jones 3 dager siden
Cheese puff
Ava Frost 2024
Ava Frost 2024 3 dager siden
Cheese Puff
Jayne Helene
Jayne Helene 4 dager siden
alternate title: watching young men geek over online gambling
Shayla Secatero
Shayla Secatero 4 dager siden
Why doesn’t Mia have her own channel???
tyler Fraser
tyler Fraser 4 dager siden
When is Thomas going to post a new vid???
tiktok.mashup 5 dager siden
Plz tell me I weren't the only one staring at nick
tiktok.mashup 5 dager siden
I swear I watch all the videos nick is in to see him simle and he makes me laugh
Ok Queen
Ok Queen 5 dager siden
Thomas in every video : 😨
Vee Murugan
Vee Murugan 5 dager siden
YALL HAVE TO WATCH ANNA OPPS VID FROM 3 weeks ago IT Talks about how Thomas is a.......OK u just got to see
ellis marcus
ellis marcus 5 dager siden
idk if it’s js me but mia does not look like she likes thomas at all
Avery Ward
Avery Ward 5 dager siden
Hi Micheal I LOVE YOU FuCk YoUr FrIeNdS I’m talking about those two dudes
Jocelin Arredondo
Jocelin Arredondo 5 dager siden
Cheese puff
hanan kaekiza
hanan kaekiza 5 dager siden
Click bait
Mini Lilpapivion
Mini Lilpapivion 5 dager siden
Cheese puff?
Damian Subrayen
Damian Subrayen 6 dager siden
Cheese puff
•Victoria• 6 dager siden
i thought yall where getting married
Branddon Avelar20
Branddon Avelar20 6 dager siden
Are Mia and Thomas brother and sister please tell me
Evelyn Sue
Evelyn Sue 6 dager siden
You should post more with Nick and chase
Cinthya Contreras
Cinthya Contreras 6 dager siden
Who else watches brat lol if you do
Cinthya Contreras
Cinthya Contreras 6 dager siden
I mean like 😂
Kiari Douglas
Kiari Douglas 6 dager siden
who else clicked on this video and thought Thomas was proposing until the seen before the video started
Luna Ciarrocca
Luna Ciarrocca 6 dager siden
cheese puff
soof belletje
soof belletje 6 dager siden
Coco Quinn Shorts
Coco Quinn Shorts 6 dager siden
“Cheese puff” Thank you so so so much for bringing back the 8 minute videos love you! 💕
MiiGo 6 dager siden
I'm waiting for new video plz hurry up I can't wait for new video
Ava Clark
Ava Clark 7 dager siden
Cheese puff
Celine Clerico
Celine Clerico 7 dager siden
Chxr hawaii
Chxr hawaii 7 dager siden
1:11 i watch it at 2 AM and I farted at whole house
lucy olivia
lucy olivia 7 dager siden
please this is so cute😫
Victora Johnson
Victora Johnson 7 dager siden
God bless!
Abby Lepper
Abby Lepper 7 dager siden
Danielle Percival
Danielle Percival 7 dager siden
Cheese puffs
princess aurora
princess aurora 7 dager siden
Hi where did you get your jacket
Alessandra Garcia Splinker Π
Alessandra Garcia Splinker Π 7 dager siden
"No, we're not engaged YET"
Addison Rae
Addison Rae 7 dager siden
Omggg is nick
Madeleine Ward
Madeleine Ward 8 dager siden
they should get married
Maya Evans
Maya Evans 8 dager siden
Wolf Blood
Wolf Blood 8 dager siden
Cheese Puff
jess_mangoz 8 dager siden
Thomas it’s Monday
Mishel Kerenxhi
Mishel Kerenxhi 8 dager siden
cheese puff
Nikita Howard
Nikita Howard 8 dager siden
Hi Thomas you probably won’t reply but I said seems you’ve got hype cars now I think you guys should do a Hoody and shirts where it says hype and then a picture of a car and then coming out of the muffler a S
Faith Brown
Faith Brown 8 dager siden
Nick is 20 right and he had vape in his hand is the gambling part of the fid and in California you have to be 21 years old to get one
Kiela Rocha
Kiela Rocha 8 dager siden
chese puffs
Celene Hoang
Celene Hoang 8 dager siden
why do i kinda ship vinnie and micheal
Chelsea Stocks
Chelsea Stocks 8 dager siden
Mia Farris
Mia Farris 8 dager siden
Cheese puff
Ramzess 8 dager siden
clickbate yleooo
Silvia Odobescu
Silvia Odobescu 8 dager siden
Nick is cute🥺♥️
Joomba Jamin'
Joomba Jamin' 8 dager siden
Cheese puffs
Levi Ackermen
Levi Ackermen 8 dager siden
Anais Bhullar
Anais Bhullar 8 dager siden
cheese puffs
Dragonxx 8 dager siden
Omg lm so proud of nick love to see him happy
Jyotsana Mahesh
Jyotsana Mahesh 8 dager siden
" cheese puffs " thought you guys were engaged but it'd be great if you were ,I love you 😍 and your vlogs so much 💗 , mia looked so pretty
Bode Miller
Bode Miller 9 dager siden
Cheese puff
Xavi Gonzales
Xavi Gonzales 9 dager siden
Mia looks SO GOOD IN THAT OML so good she did great with that outfit
Samantha s
Samantha s 9 dager siden
U got me excited... and for what? 😪 congrats tho still
Teena Villagomez
Teena Villagomez 9 dager siden
Cheese puff🧀🧀🧀
kk moore
kk moore 9 dager siden
i rlly thought...
Little Been
Little Been 9 dager siden
Cheese puff
NATALIE THOMPSON 9 dager siden
is it it just me or would Michel and Vinney make a cute couple
Adrienne Sellars
Adrienne Sellars 9 dager siden
“Doesn’t faze me homie! I’m in a diaper”
Addison Wester
Addison Wester 9 dager siden
(Thomas) Mia has ganes (Also Thomas) can nearly fit his hand around her arm
Shannon B
Shannon B 9 dager siden
Cheese Puff
florencia oportus
florencia oportus 9 dager siden
Nick lo más bonito 🧃🤍
Maya 9 dager siden
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elises films
elises films 9 dager siden
Yesenia Ramirez
Yesenia Ramirez 9 dager siden
Iris young
Iris young 9 dager siden
I think maybe Mia is one of those people who aren’t great at taking compliments/expressing affection lol no offense at all cause same but I just noticed that. she seems rly sweet tho.
Evelyn Sue
Evelyn Sue 9 dager siden
They are won of my favorite couples but of course Charli and Chase are my favorite #chacha shiper
Liliana Ii
Liliana Ii 9 dager siden
Thomas help Michael get verified
Isabell Lopez
Isabell Lopez 9 dager siden
Cheese puffs
avia tabib
avia tabib 9 dager siden
Choose pop
Ju doggie
Ju doggie 9 dager siden
Cheese puff?
Ana Martinovic
Ana Martinovic 9 dager siden
me : hes not gona ask her to mary him hes nottttttttt.............i knew it .
Claire McNabb
Claire McNabb 9 dager siden
People who thought they were getting married | ^
Angelina Skoric
Angelina Skoric 9 dager siden
ma like i brought you a penut cup oop i cant spell lol.....
Lexi Smith
Lexi Smith 9 dager siden
Cheese puff
Bushra O
Bushra O 9 dager siden
Is it just me or does anyone love this couple
charli damelio
charli damelio 9 dager siden
Can i call you
Wᴇɪʀᴅᴏ Cᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ
Wᴇɪʀᴅᴏ Cᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ 9 dager siden
Cheese puuuff
Allie Sim
Allie Sim 9 dager siden
cheese puff 0-0
Sky 9 dager siden
u are the best
Nahomi Anteneh
Nahomi Anteneh 9 dager siden
*me already knowing it was a promise ring*
Leila 2431
Leila 2431 9 dager siden
Felicitee Rucker
Felicitee Rucker 9 dager siden
Is it just me who thinks Mia doesn't like Thomas?
Aries07 10 dager siden
Island Bella
Island Bella 10 dager siden
When they all yell around the tv is like my dad my uncles and they're friends in a football game
Jermaine Bryan
Jermaine Bryan 10 dager siden
Cheese pufffffff lol
Nabiya Naem
Nabiya Naem 10 dager siden
I thought they were engaged when I saw their insta post
Chloe Stokes
Chloe Stokes 10 dager siden
Cheese puff
sassy 10 dager siden
Moeata 10 dager siden
Omg i’m so HAPPY for you 🥺
Maria Saker
Maria Saker 10 dager siden
Mia dancing while eating is litterally me
Eaztr 10 dager siden
cheese puff
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