I Caught Someone Breaking In...

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Thomas Petrou

2 måneder siden

I Caught Someone Breaking In...
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Keziah Gomez
Keziah Gomez 12 timer siden
I can’t come to your house bc I live in miami
Artzy Animal
Artzy Animal 4 dager siden
poor micheal
erin walsh
erin walsh 6 dager siden
hey guys i just wanna say i appreciate you all so much for putting the effort into making these vids for us so thank you and im sorry that you had to deal with people breaking into your house it is disrespectful and idk why someone would do that but i love your vids soooooo much so thank you :)
Alisia Plaku
Alisia Plaku 7 dager siden
I swear to GOOD if I had the chance to talk to you i will guees all of your names
lorelai maxwell
lorelai maxwell 7 dager siden
That guy who broke in is an idiot
lotascommon 13 dager siden
I live in pa so I couldn’t break into ur house and i dont really even know who u r
Wayne Patey
Wayne Patey 14 dager siden
K_BeAr- K
K_BeAr- K 14 dager siden
Jelly Christmas 🎄
Lois Kenwright
Lois Kenwright 17 dager siden
Why would people even break in I would be scared of Thomas he has muscles
Ana Victoria de Jesus
Ana Victoria de Jesus 19 dager siden
i just wanna say if i was one of those people on omegle.tv i literally would've known Michael
Dixie Damelio
Dixie Damelio 20 dager siden
Jelly Christmas
Peyton Leach
Peyton Leach 20 dager siden
Moor Michael, no one seems to know him 🥺
Mikaela Tapper
Mikaela Tapper 21 dag siden
Can you make a shirt whit Michel face on it pls
Shy Shy Fam
Shy Shy Fam 23 dager siden
Jelly Xmas HEHE
Random things #22
Random things #22 23 dager siden
Jelly Christmas
Kiranjit Chahal
Kiranjit Chahal 24 dager siden
I was thinking about you moving, it is horrible because of how many people have broke in. It is even on a street with loads of fans - thats the good part!
karlie okrainetz
karlie okrainetz 27 dager siden
if im ever on omegle im gonna scream micheal because no one knows who he is lol
Lex Campbell
Lex Campbell 27 dager siden
Jelly christmas
Lex Campbell
Lex Campbell 27 dager siden
I dont see why people break in if you were not famous they would not do that (IM a big fan)
Shannon Ferrell
Shannon Ferrell 28 dager siden
ok but when everyone didn’t know michaels name it low key made me sad :(
Audreys Dream Vlogs
Audreys Dream Vlogs 28 dager siden
Am I the only one who wants Hype house chicken nuggets 😂🤣
Sav 2328
Sav 2328 29 dager siden
If I ever see them in person I’m going straight to Michael! He’s literally the funniest and he deserves love to.
Angel Jacobs
Angel Jacobs 29 dager siden
OMG Nikita dragon....... Thomas you know who this is no Michael 🥲
Kirrily Edwards
Kirrily Edwards Måned siden
Richard Rattigan
Richard Rattigan Måned siden
Ok I’m a fan I would never break in but also I can’t bc I live in ireland lol Jellychirtmas
Arianny Bicalho3362
Arianny Bicalho3362 Måned siden
Damn Michael is so un-appreciated. I love how no one new who he is.😹
Kylie Loves blue
Kylie Loves blue Måned siden
Well I live in Texas so I can’t break into your house
Aryanna Ekness
Aryanna Ekness Måned siden
jelly christmas
Annabel James
Annabel James Måned siden
Yo your welcome for not being a PSYCHOPATH and tipping up at ur house like wtf
Tameeka Easton
Tameeka Easton Måned siden
jelly christmas
Sister_vlogs Måned siden
jelly christmas
sadeta Ludwig
sadeta Ludwig Måned siden
Thats the same Dude that Broke into bryces house
Isabella Givens
Isabella Givens Måned siden
Even if I was a crazy fan and wanted to break into their house until my mom can we broke into the hype house my mom would be like Rm are you crazy no so yeah
Mollie Ledvina
Mollie Ledvina Måned siden
jelly christmsas
Eleny Lopez
Eleny Lopez Måned siden
Jelly Christmas 😂😂
Sophie C
Sophie C Måned siden
Michael at 3:27 🥺
Arey Girl
Arey Girl Måned siden
People are crazy like get some common sense
I can’t break in I live in Virginia
Faith Rice
Faith Rice Måned siden
I have you merch
You sus Oop
You sus Oop Måned siden
That's my dad!!??????
Mia Lucas
Mia Lucas Måned siden
I respect them cause 1.I live in Australia and 2. It’s rude so yeah
Daniel Hamm
Daniel Hamm Måned siden
To be honest I wouldn't break into someones house even if I was played , I would take the money and run for my life :)
Selvir Zaimi
Selvir Zaimi Måned siden
I can't come because I am in the hospitel😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
I live in new york I want to go vist
iiSimplyxClouds_ Buildsii
iiSimplyxClouds_ Buildsii Måned siden
bruh I would break in but i live in las vagus so👁👄👁
Deirdre Lomeli
Deirdre Lomeli Måned siden
Jelly Christmas 🎄
Kloie Ayau
Kloie Ayau Måned siden
If you have respect for yourself respect others treat each other the way you wanna be treated
laya sunbil
laya sunbil Måned siden
Love you too
Sunniva Nilsson
Sunniva Nilsson Måned siden
Go on omegle more often!!!!
Leni & Tori
Leni & Tori Måned siden
No need to move again just put a lock on your day
Madeleine Ward
Madeleine Ward Måned siden
i love how no one knew who Michelle is even though he is in every video
Sadeem Ali
Sadeem Ali Måned siden
jelly christmas OMG ITS NIKITA DRAGUN
Elizabeth Afton
Elizabeth Afton Måned siden
Fun fact: you joined 8 days before my birthday! (July 21st)
Mathias Christensen
Mathias Christensen Måned siden
Jelly Christmas🎄
Gena Olivero
Gena Olivero Måned siden
micheal is the literal best!!! he’s so underrated:/
Mackenzie Wolfhard
Mackenzie Wolfhard Måned siden
i always follow ppls boundries like i dont everyone knocking on my door
Editsby._.laylay Måned siden
Jelly Christmas
Kimberlee Peterson
Kimberlee Peterson Måned siden
I live in Florida I can not come break in your house I don’t know LA lol
Jaxon Ball
Jaxon Ball Måned siden
I would never do that
Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11
Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11 Måned siden
"Jelly Christmas."
iiiSimplyiikittyiii Måned siden
I haven’t gone to your house just bc I don’t live where y’all are lol
Mishel Kerenxhi
Mishel Kerenxhi Måned siden
jelly christmas
Lia .N
Lia .N Måned siden
I know where the old hype house is located and the original is and the old and new sway house is located but there are 2 reasons why I don’t magically apear bc I live in Connecticut and 2 I know you need your privacy away from fans and media😌
Marah Disi
Marah Disi Måned siden
Thomas : comment jelly Christmas Me: but what if I want to comment jello Christmas
Marah Disi
Marah Disi Måned siden
Help me
daisy and jasmine /bffs
daisy and jasmine /bffs Måned siden
People in public saying hi to Calvin hi virgen hahaha
Maddie vs Rebecca
Maddie vs Rebecca Måned siden
I know something is going on when you put ..... on the titles
Annabelle Gibson
Annabelle Gibson Måned siden
i would be pretty crazy if i broke into your house cause i live in canada and i would be going pretty far
Audrie MacAlpine
Audrie MacAlpine Måned siden
Wtf is Nikita wearing
Tika-Mae Schreur
Tika-Mae Schreur Måned siden
jelly christmas
Alex Hall
Alex Hall Måned siden
Michael is way better than Nikita
itskaykay !!!
itskaykay !!! Måned siden
they just moved bruh
sheri smith
sheri smith Måned siden
nikita: meet me in the tampon isle me: ahahahahahahha
Molly Thornton Sleator
Molly Thornton Sleator Måned siden
jelly christmas and the chains and lover boy merch are sick
Prycious Williams
Prycious Williams Måned siden
Lol Thomas:do u k who this is the guy:no sry I dont
Kim LeAnn
Kim LeAnn Måned siden
Sadly not all targets stock the merch.
Paris Queen
Paris Queen Måned siden
Jelly Christmas!!!
Lola Tomlinson
Lola Tomlinson Måned siden
Jelly Christmas
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson Måned siden
Jelly chrismas
levina Måned siden
nikita: "i love it! its so great! pls let me eat thomas" 😭
Aspen Parker
Aspen Parker Måned siden
Michael I think is the funniest
jenna box
jenna box Måned siden
i wish i was old like you guys to live with yall
Jade Bowers
Jade Bowers Måned siden
I love how they all gasped and my stupid ass gasped too.🤦🏼‍♀️
Sprinkle Squad
Sprinkle Squad 2 måneder siden
Honestly people don’t think bout it before they do it people need to understand some day we will learn to respect people’s property
Betty Head
Betty Head 2 måneder siden
why does the guy who broke in look like bryant
X.kam. cloudz.X
X.kam. cloudz.X 2 måneder siden
I I ever saw you guys and Michael was there I would say” OMH ITS MICHAEL *friends name*ITS MICHAEL”just so he knows people know who he is
Susan Lane
Susan Lane 2 måneder siden
I would knock on your door I wouldn’t break in
mikealson.x. marshall
mikealson.x. marshall 2 måneder siden
I can't come to her house I live in England but even if I could come to your house I wouldn't coz I respect he privacy
Jog. 2 måneder siden
The fact that he literally has to say thanks for NOT breaking/ randomly going into there house is crazy.
jilwcs 2 måneder siden
I’ve seen you before but i dont know your name “OMG NIKITA”
Drmy Roblox
Drmy Roblox 2 måneder siden
Its honestly INSANE how the hype house has to deal with these crazy people. Please respect their little bit of privacy they have. I really don’t know how I’d feel if someone decided to break into my private property and chill around like it’s legal.
Trey Haley
Trey Haley 2 måneder siden
I haven’t got on your property but I have drove past your house because I was headed to my moms house
raye lindig
raye lindig 2 måneder siden
i live in texas sooooooooo
Kaylea Gunderson
Kaylea Gunderson 2 måneder siden
If I ever met them on Omegle and I saw Michel and Thomas says to me “do you know who that is” me I say “that’s f**ing Michael”
LILLY_LERMA 2 måneder siden
Omg lol I went to target a week ago and saw ur merch. I love ur channel!!
AALIYAH gomez 2 måneder siden
Jelly xmas
mrs moana
mrs moana 2 måneder siden
I love how everyone was like " Aren't you famous" Or " Idk your name but I know you" But then the camera turns, "omg is that Nikita Dragun?! "
Danielle Vale
Danielle Vale 2 måneder siden
Jelly mf Christmas
Alejandra Orvananos
Alejandra Orvananos 2 måneder siden
belly Christmas
Gabriella Roitman
Gabriella Roitman 2 måneder siden
jelly christmas
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